A Legacy of Light

My Mom’s younger brother passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. He was a bit of a James Dean type (cutie, bad boy but with a heart of gold) and we all loved him deeply.
In my not-so-poetic attempt, I wrote a little note as I would imagine God’s conversation with my Uncle Wayne that day as the two started their new journey together.

Welcome home, my one.
Is this what you expected? Is the light too bright?
It shouldn’t be, my one. For you carried this very light with you in your previous life. Did you not even realize?
It is said, If all would seek the face of God, darkness and regret would ne’er exist.
But you, my one, You sought me your entire life, all the while carrying my light. Sometimes you called me love. Sometimes compassion. Sometimes kindness. You had many names for me. All of which I adored. Yes, I adored you so.
You sought me, and I was there.
I was there when you gave money to a friend.
I was there when you gave land to a neighbor.
I was there when you gave your time to a dozen causes that brought my heart to leap.
I was there when you cheered those who were giving up.
I was there when you stood up for and loved the addict.
I was there when you fed the hungry.
I was there when you befriended the outcast. You listened to him. You understood him. You loved him. Like I love him. Did you know you were being me?
I was there when you honored and loved your bride. When you cried with and laughed with her. I am still there with your bride like I am here with you.
I was there when you raised your children. For every good thing and good memory you gave them, I was there. They now carry the light because of you.
I was there as you encouraged and loved and helped your buddies. They know this, because they saw me in you. Some of them also have different names for me like you did. I am OK with that. They, too, will carry the light.
I was also there in your pain. In your sorrow. When you grieved. When you doubted and asked questions. And in your ugliness. It’s OK, that’s just human.
So let no one claim that you, my one, did not seek Me. It was you, in fact, one of my rare gems, who spent his entire lifetime in pursuit of me, simply and selflessly giving away to those on your path the love and uniqueness I put in you before you were ever formed.
Good living, my one. Your life lived on Earth has fulfilled its divine purpose.
Welcome home. Now let us continue to new incredible mysteries.


How I listen now


I just listened to the latest podcast of one of my favorite humans. And at its close, I was left still and reflective, knowing and caring for humanity a little more and connecting with the divine as though Spirit burst through my exterior and swirled through the cells of my interior, wrapping hself around and in and out of every DNA strand in my entire body. My senses still pulse from the magnificent dance!

I so appreciate how this man teaches, and more how he makes me see humanity in relation to myself.

In years past, the people I studied under might have left me feeling a bit more powerful, as though that were a good thing. I usually felt like I had learned something, and I sometimes even felt like I had risen a notch to that bar they had set. All good objectives, I suppose.

But then there’s Rob. I read or listen to him, and when he’s done talking, I’m leveled. I want more. I’m speechless. He’s not challenged me to be better than anybody. He’s not told me his thoughts on right and wrong. He simply shares the old stories and weaves humanity into them. He brings me into a journey into myself as he intertwines old and new.

Unlike the speakers of my past, when Rob Bell speaks, I’m not left feeling as though there’s a tower that I’ve climbed which allows me a sort of perch over the others in the race, but instead an enormous circle of humanity joining hands, with but one, small opening, summoning me forward.

Rob Bell makes me want to run forward and close that gap! Feeling the energy and love of inclusion! And now One. Forever One.

I choose the circle over the tower. In the circle we are eye to eye. In the circle we are heart to heart. In the circle, we are one. And our circle should never be broken. Not for religion. Not for politics. Not for hate or war or jealousy or envy or anger or unforgiveness. Not even for righteousness. Especially not for righteousness.

In the tower, there’s US and THEM. Someone is right and someone is wrong. Someone is in and someone is out. Someone is included and someone is excluded.

If the circle breaks, it repairs itself on its own inner strength. There’s an electric-like current that continuously flows in the circle because of its bonds, its strength, its source.

The tower just keeps growing a jagged monstrosity as more and more struggle to climb it, and the gap widens from ground (them) to peak (us). So when there is brokenness, most go unnoticed or ignored or written off. Unable to fix themselves, let alone others.

I love the strength of the circle. I love being one with humanity. I love calling all mankind my brothers and sisters, no matter how broken or colored or spicy or uncultured or religious or godless or unfamed or imprisoned or illiterate they happen to be.

Thanks, Rob Bell, for bringing out the best in me today. ❤

If you’re interested, you can find Rob Bell’s Pod Cast here  The RobCast.