Lives Matter


I just created this graphic after scrolling through the insanity on Facebook. I am still a bit perplexed that so many humans can’t see past their own noses to get a glimpse at the cruel injustices in our world. So this is all I have to say on the matter today.

I saw a comment, made by a man I don’t know, on this meme today that kind of argued its point. And it stunned me that he didn’t get the point at all! So here is my thought process.

I hoped the picture explained itself. The picture on the right is of Hitler and his staff. The group on the left, the Jews in a Nazi camp, is obviously discriminated against, to the point of death even. And the group on the right, the very ones that can and should help them, choose instead to make the “Jewish lives matter” argument about themselves instead. Completely missing the point that the group on the left is crying out in desperation for equality (and in this case, their lives).

When blacks cry out that “black lives matter,” they are not arguing that their lives matter more than whites. Or that their lives matter to the exclusion of whites. They are simply crying out for equal ground in humanity. A fair playing field.

I can only realize the surface of the problem, because I am not black and have not lived in the black community or inside black skin. So I have no doubt it is far worse than what I see with my own eyes. But I can see enough prejudice from my perspective that allows me to make logical conclusions and thus believe the horror stories the black community is sharing.

So when I see or hear “all lives matter,” I receive that statement in love and do my best not to make that statement about me or my white race or any other race for which it was not intended. I simply offer what compassion I can, listen to the heart of the person and group whose cry it represents, and respond accordingly.