Dream 1 – Donald Trump Stole My Lyrics!

6070701148_7629d06372_zMy dreams were plenty last night, but other than fragments of memory, I only remember the entirety of one. So here it is.

I was singing a solo. I don’t know for whom. But I practiced it flawlessly and was ready to perform. I had the lyrics written on little pieces of paper. I don’t know why they weren’t on just one sheet of paper. But they were on a handful of cut-up pieces of paper.

The venue I’m not sure of. But I wasn’t singing on stage. It was more like through a window at the back of the stage. And I think the stage was full of people. So nobody in the audience would actually see that it was I doing the solo. They would only hear me.
Then for some reason Donald Trump showed up back stage just minutes before the performance and caused quite a stir. Not a celebrity kind of stir. More like him trying to demand attention from all of us but not really getting it from all. He stomped around like a 12-year-old boy who’s been ignored by his mom.

So now it’s time to perform. The music starts. I set my lyric notes (the 8 or so pieces of small paper) on the window sill through which I’ll be singing. Suddenly Trump shifts the stage. I can’t explain what that means except that there was a little movement and while my body was still in the same spot, the window sill and my notes were now about three feet in front of me with a new wall and new window between us. The music was playing and though the intro was long, I knew I would need to be singing in about 15 seconds.

I felt the panic. I could not find my notes with the lyrics. I begged the few people standing by me to help me find them. The person to my left just handed me random notes that had nothing to do with my music.

My intro came and went. I did not sing. I was frustrated and so annoyed with Donald Trump. He had ruined my opportunity to show the world how well I could sing this song. Thanks, Donald Trump! You totally ruined my moment!
And then I had this thought – perhaps I should have memorized the words!

My interpretation
Most of my work is basically ghostwriting, since my name never accompanies my articles. So that could explain why I was singing from behind stage where nobody could see or know it was me but they could hear (see) my words.

Though I knew that I could sing the song beautifully, I still didn’t put my all in it by memorizing the words and being completely prepared when time came, which translates like this: Though I know I write very good pieces, I sometimes wait until the last minute to do all the work, which leaves me a bit frantic at times and worried about making deadlines and getting the work turned in and completed to the best of my ability.

My takeaway
Put the work in early (memorize the words); and when the deadline arrives (time to sing), I’ll be thoroughly prepared and my client will receive what they paid for and the audience will receive what they’ve come to hear (read).

Easy enough, right? We’ll see …