“Home” Sign


I found a cute print at Hobby Lobby last year; and at just $5, I bought it and stowed it away in the garage with the intention of framing it one day. That day finally came!


The $5 Hobby Lobby print and the scrap piece of plywood leftover from my closet project.

Actually, I was looking through my leftover wood scrap and found a piece of plywood; I instantly thought about mounting the print to it. The plywood was about 12 or so inches longer than the print, but I decided instead of cutting it down, I’d use the extra space to add my own letters.

So at my next Lowe’s trip, I found a pint of teal blue paint in the paint section on their accident/return shelf for $2.50. I knew it would be the perfect color for this project. I painted the plywood blue. It took four coats to get the depth of color I wanted.11347644_10206879729301349_722278125_o

Next, I took some black paint out of my garage (also bought on the accident/return shelf at Lowe’s for about $1 two years ago). I dipped just the tip of a brush in it, wiped off as much as I could to get a dry brush, and brushed it sparingly over the plywood.


I had to use tape to hold the rope on while the glue dried.

Once the paint was dry, I glued some rope to the outside perimeter of the plywood. I spent nearly an hour looking for the stupid hot glue gun I haven’t used in 10 years and never found it. So I went old school and used Elmer’s glue! I used some packaging tape to help secure the rope while the glue dried. I let it set all day (not an option, as Elmer’s glue is super slow to dry!) and picked back up the next day.

Next, I painted a 10-fot piece of half-round trim I purchased at Lowe’s for this project using my black paint (two coats). After it dried, I cut the 10-foot section into four sections with the miter saw. I attached the half-round to the plywood with my nail gun (whoops, forgot to take pics of this step!).

I made a trip to Michael’s to get some wood letters. Most of their letters were really thick, and I didn’t like the bukiness of them. Then I found these very thin letters on the other side of the store on sale for about 35 cents each. Only problem is they were out of the “O”! And none of the other stores had an “O” either. Since I didn’t want to settle and use any other letters, I decided to make an “O” using an alternative medium. Since I had some leftover rope (I bought a 100-foot package from Lowe’s for $6.99), I decided to make the “O” using that. I think it works!

Last thing there was to do was add a picture hanger on the back. A pack of four cost about $1.50 at Lowe’s.


Final Project. Total cost $19, but with 85 feet of rope, 3 picture hangers, and two partially used pints of teal and black paint to use for future projects.

Final Project. Total cost $19, but with 85 feet of rope, 3 picture hangers, and two partially used pints of teal and black paint to use for future projects.


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