Whose side is Jesus on, anyway?

Photo credit courtesy Flickr artist Elycefeliz

I apologize for insisting that Jesus was on my church’s side and my interpretation of scripture was the only right one, while quietly, smugly, and self-righteously accusing and pointing out the error on the other side. Is disagreement in the church a sin that makes one a winner and another the poor, unfortunate idiot lost to (or at least pitied by) God and all of humanity? What does this say about all of us who are “right” but have a change of heart 25 years down the road?

Is it so difficult to conceive of the possibility that we might ALL be the chosen? And that God really did love all of us (the world) so much that His gift (Jesus) was sent to all of us – not just those who chant a prayer a certain way or brag of the checked-off check list for the only right way to salvation?


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